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"We hosted a family for brunch and playdate and had a great time. The kids connected so much better than I could have imagined! Looking forward to next time!" - Emma

The story of It's July

It’s July is a new startup with the vision to change how families around the world meet & travel. It's July matches between families for an experience - one family is the host and the other is the guest.

How? It's July is introducing a new type of experiences for families, where every families from all kinds of lifestyles and interests can host other families for an activity of their choice.


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Host families are passionate locals who can make guest families feel at home through a joint experience by making meaningful interactions happen.
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In It’s July the whole family is taking part in the activity. It’s an opportunity for everyone to meet a new and interesting family. You can host a family for any activity, a hike in a nearby trail, a homey meal, or a jam session or be a guest and enjoy an experience anywhere, anytime.

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