Travel With Your Family Like Locals, With Locals

It’s July is a family-to-family travel platform. With It’s July, families discover new destinations using local knowledge and local experiences hosted by local families.

Mud Workshop Experience

A unique mud workshop experience hosted by a family who built their house out of mud. The guest kids enjoyed the special home and its surroundings as well as meeting kids who live a different lifestyle to their own city life.

Photographs: Tamar Guzansky


"It was really touching to meet with a family that is so similar and at the same time different to ours. We’ve made new friends and we’d be happy to meet again"

Lidor, mom of 3

Breakfast & Jamming Experience

Hosted by a family for a local Saturday morning breakfast, the guest family also enjoyed a joint jam session in the host's music room. Overall the families shared a day of laughter and fun.

Photographs: Tali Dovrat

Picnic & Kites Experience

A joint late afternoon experience of a light picnic in a park overlooking the beach, where the hosts taught the guests to fly kites they brought with and blew bubbles in the wind.

Photographs: Lior Kaldron


"It was exactly as we wished.. We connected with the parents, and the kids connected. We’d be happy to keep joining experiences on a regular basis and expose our kids to new things"

Sivan, mom of 2