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IT’S July is a new matchmaking platform for families. We enable families to make empowered connections with like-minded families anywhere in the world. The company was founded in the midst of the COVID pandemic with the mission to enable families to connect, discuss mutual interests, and establish new friendships through meaningful interactions. IT’S July is live in over 40 destinations worldwide, with thousands of families joining. 

The New Way for Families to Connect Around the World

About IT'S July

How Our Homes Impact Our Lives

with Katie McCrory

How we relate to our homes is fundamental to our well-being and has a profound impact on our families and relationships. Katie McCrory, Communications leader at IKEA, will share timely insights from IKEA’s just released annual Life at Home Report.

Katie will touch on the challenges reshaping how we perceive our homes and talk about the five emotional needs a home must meet to create a sense of comfort - and why they are important.

Join us and likeminded families worldwide for this online TALK.

January 31st, Tuesday, at 9pm CET

8pm London/ Lisbon || 9pm Berlin/ Copenhagen/ Madrid || 10pm Athens/ Tel Aviv

Free online event

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Katie McCrory - IKEA'S Life at Home Communications Leader. Katie a generalist who loves to tell stories that hit home. Day to day, you’ll find her working at IKEA where she’s been leading the annual Life at Home Report for the last six years — the largest and most distinctive piece of global research into what’s happening in people’s homes around the world.

Our Speakers

Tamar Liberman – Co-Founder and CEO of IT'S July, a new matchmaking platform for families. IT'S July enable families to make empowered connections with like-minded families anywhere in the world. 

Tamar Liberman
Katie McCrory.jpeg

Win a copy of the book Us & Our Planet!

Join this TALK and have a chance of winning a free copy of the book Us & Our Planet (Phaidon publisher, created in collaboration with IKEA). The book explores how people around the world are creating happier and more sustainable ways of living. In the book you can meet homes, workspaces, and shared spaces from New York to Nairobi, Bali to Beirut. The result is an inspirational study of the home and the big and small things we can all do to make our world a little better.

Giveaway is donated by speaker Katie McCrory

Our homes play a crucial role in our lives. Life at home is changing, and our homes are now increasingly multi-tasking, working overtime as family space, office, nursery, entertainment center, indoor gym, and more.  

But is our homespace supporting our headspace?

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