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Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how to manage your stress and reclaim your life.

IT’S July is a social platform, created to empower families to connect with like-minded families across the world. Our trusted and safe environment fosters a sense of community - allowing families to easily connect and form friendships, engage in group chats, share advice and recommendations, and create events with other families in the community.

The company is operating in over 40 destinations worldwide, with thousands of families joining.

IT’S July - Changing the Way Families Connect

Unleashing Stress Resilience for a Fulfilling Life

September 6th, Wednesday, at 9pm CET

8pm London/ Lisbon || 9pm Berlin/ Copenhagen/ Madrid || 10pm Athens/ Tel Aviv

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Emilie Ducommun:

A professional medical coach specializing in Stress and Resilience, with the expertise of helping women recover from chronic stress, conquer anxiety, and build resilience.

Our Speakers

Tamar Liberman:

Co-Founder & CEO of IT'S July, a social platform for families, created to empower families to connect with like-minded families across the world.

Tamar Liberman

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Sign up and join the workshop to have a chance of winning a free spot and gain exclusive access to the Resilience Journey, the ultimate Stress Relief self-paced course for busy parents!


Are you tired of constantly being in survival mode and struggling to find peace and joy in your everyday life?

Do you find yourself lying in bed at night ruminating and overwhelmed with your endless to-do list, wondering why life feels so hard?

Join IT’S July and Emilie Ducommun, a stress & resilience coach, to learn how to manage your stress overwhelm with practical tools and master the basics. 

Specifically, you’ll learn about the causes of stress, how stress shows up, and the 3 elements to break the vicious cycle of chronic stress and manage your nervous system.

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