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IT’S July TALKS is a free series of informal online fireside chats with thought leaders and coaches, offering refreshing perspectives on topics that matter to families worldwide. 


We talk about topics related to family, travel or life as a family. 

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Previously on IT'S July TALKS

Jessica Tariq, wellbeing coach and consultant, talked about mom-guilt, mental-load, loneliness, and how they impact our life. Coach Jessica shared strategies for overcoming everyday challenges and how to establish better routines.

Kick the Mom Guilt: How to Manage your Mental Load

Fionnuala Hoffmann, positive parenting expert, talked about positive discipline: what it is, how to apply it, and why it is such a powerful tool for helping parents and children thrive.

We were all encouraged to try techniques based on encouragement and mutual respect with the children.

More Peace. Less Stress: Positive Parenting


For our first TALK we hosted Jenny Lynn, family travel expert and founder of, for a deep dive on slow travel. The Lynns are a family of four who thrive on off-the-beaten-track adventures and embrace the rewards of slow travel for families. Together with their kids they have lived in India, trekked the Himalayas, backpacked South East Asia, traversed sub-Saharan Africa in Land Rover, and spent many summers (and winters!) travelling Europe in their camper van.

Quit the Fast Lane: Slow Travel for Families

Here is a sneak peek to something Jenny Lynn said in the TALK and shocked everyone. You wouldn't guess. 

independent travel, off the beaten track_edited.jpg
life at home.png

How Our Homes Impact Our Lives with Katie McCrory

Our homes play a crucial role in our lives. Life at home is changing, and our homes are now increasingly multi-tasking, working overtime as family space, office, nursery, entertainment center, indoor gym, and more. But is our homespace supporting our headspace?

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